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National Oreo Cookie Day Celebration

This one goes out to Oreo lovers across the globe but especially to my American friends who have immortalised their love with a national celebration! What is National Oreo Cookies Day you ask? It is the day that the name Oreo was first used on the trademark forms all the way back on March 6th, 1912.

I love Oreo

I remember the first time I had an Oreo Cookie like it was yesterday. I had just watched an episode of Friends where they had been eating the dark circle cookies. Fascinated by anything from the show (massive coffee mugs, Rachel's hair and of course the occassional How you doin'?) I kept an eye out for anywhere I could find Oreo's in the Netherlands. Oddly enough, the first store that I came across that actually sold them was an Asian supermarket and my dad, who knew of my search, came home one day with a pack of three. I ripped off the wrapper, shoved one in my mouth for the taste, one I twisted apart and licked the cream and the final one was gently nibbled on for over twenty minutes. I was in love.

Many versions, many flavours

In the years that followed I tried as many different versions as I could lay my hands on. And what better way to remember the happiness and enjoyment of all those years, by celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day with an Oreo Cookie cocktail? The below recipe was tried out on a few of my friends (also known as willing victims) and let me tell you, these were merry evenings indeed.

I admit it is a very sweet cocktail but if I may say so myself, worth every sip!


30 ml Vanilla liqueur

Gently whipped cream

1 Oreo cookie for decoration (or more if you're hungry)

How to?

Pour the Monkey Shoulder, Mozart chocolate liquor, the Vanilla liquor in a shaker and dry shake first. Then add ice and shake again. Pour in a cocktail glas.

Whip your cream gently. It should not be stiff and you should be able to still pour it along a barspoon on top of your chocolate mix.

Decorate with half a cookie on top... and enoy the other half on the side!

This is definitely a super sweet cocktail but a cookie this special, deserves all the love in the world! How would you make your personal Oreo Cookie Cocktail? Let me know!

Happy Shaking!

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