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  • Gemma D.

Happy (Boozy) Easter

This year has been a bit of a rollercoaster so far and this Easter I decided that I deserved a little treat... like everyone else. Which is why I decided to make myself a Boozy Bunny..

Easter Bunny History

If you're not going by the stories in the bible and you're more into the sweet tooth version of Easter, you've come across the Easter bunny and perhaps you've wondered how on earth a bunny became the figurehead of Easter!

Let me tell you...

Back in the 16th century there was a story in Germany about the "Oschter Haws", who was thought to lay a nest of multicolored eggs for well-behaved kids. They would start building little nests for the hare to leave behind his eggs.

But why a bunny?

Symbols of fertility and rebirth are steeped in pagan roots where the rabbit and the egg represent these two and so they have become synonymous with the spring celebration and German folklore turned it into an egg-laying rabbit.

The Boozy Bunny

Oh how I enjoyed making this.

I got a pretty (hollow) bunny from my local bakery and very carefully, with a hot knife, removed one of the ears. On the inside you will find the following:

Shake over ice vigorously - it's going to be very viscous so shake longer if you want it thinner.

Pour carefully into the bunny and serve with a straw.

Sweet, thick, a little tart from the cream and just delicious!!

Happy Easter everyone

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