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Glasses, glasses, glasses...

When a recipe instruct you to use a martini glass, it is such a shame when you show up with a tumbler or a long drink. Specific cocktail glasses were specifically designed to both enhance the flavour as well as the experience. Obviously the glass should be clean but what better than to enjoy a beautiful cocktail from a pretty coupe martini glass that shimmers and makes that delicate ring when you touch the edge?

A Highball glass is a long glass that contains at least 360 ml and is often used 'tall' cocktails or other mixed drinks with a large proportion of a non-alcoholic liquids poured over ice. Another name for the glass is a Collins glass.

A Rocks glass, also known as an old fashioned glass or a lowball glass is a short tumbler used for serving spirits, with or without ice cubes and can hold around 240 ml.

The Classic Martini glass is widely used for classic cocktails like a Dry Martini and a Cosmopolitan. It is recognized easily by the thin stem and that conical top. The classic glass contains around 135 ml, a modern version can go up to 180 ml. Check out the history of the Martini glass on the Sipmith blog.

A Margarita glass instantly brings to mind cocktails with lot's of ice on a beach underneath an umbrella. It looks like a combination of a Martini glass and a champagne coupe and has a stepped-diameter increase. It can hold around 350 ml.

Beer glasses come in many shapes and sizes, depending on your country. From flutes in the Netherlands to Pints in the UK.

A Champagne flute can hold both its namesake drink but is also used for cocktails. It's a thin, long glass on a thin stem with the elongated cup. It can hold about 240 ml and there are many versions available out there, including a tulip shaped one.

To choose your Wine glass depends on your wine. From Cabernet glasses, to Bordeaux, to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Before your pour, know your wine and select accordingly. An average glass in a bar will hold about 145 ml.

Shot glasses were made for stacked small cocktails or shooters. They come in variety of styles, including edible glasses and shot glasses made from ice. A shooter is between 30 and 60 ml

A Tasting glass is a glass specifically designed for the liquid you are tasting. Glencairn is the norm for whisky, a copita is ideal for sherry and a snifter would suffice for brandys and such.

Specialty glasses are somewhat complicated. These can be Hurricane glasses or Tiki glasses and some people would consider tasting glasses specialty glasses as well. They have a unique shape and very often are designed specifically to hold a single style of drink.

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