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Whisky Marketing Campaigns

Over the years, various whisky brands have launched successful marketing campaigns that have helped to increase their sales and establish their place in the market.

One of the most successful whisky marketing campaigns in recent years was the "Keep Walking" campaign by Johnnie Walker. Launched in 1999, the campaign featured a series of television advertisements that featured the brand's iconic striding man logo and the tagline "Keep Walking". The ads were designed to appeal to a younger, more diverse audience, and they were widely praised for their creativity and effectiveness.

Another successful whisky marketing campaign was the "Make it count" campaign by Jack Daniel's. Launched in 2020, the campaign featured a series of humorous moments that show how life is experienced in the present rather than striving for significant accomplishments. Answering questions like, "What have you always wanted to do?". It included moments such as a woman tossing her phone into a lake, just as a call from her boss arrived, ladies ordering every item on a fancy bistro's menu and a man pulling the big-rig's air-horn cord while the trucker himself is paying for gas.

In recent years, whisky brands have also turned to social media to reach their audience and launch successful marketing campaigns. For example, in 2016, the Glenfiddich whisky brand launched a social media campaign called "The World's Most Experiental Bartender". The campaign featured a series of videos that showed a Glenfiddich bartender travelling the world and serving whisky to people in different countries. A cheese maker, a ceramicist, a furniture maker, a sound engineer, a candle maker, artists, and chefs were all involved in partnerships. The videos were shared widely on social media and helped to increase the brand's visibility and sales.

In addition to traditional and social media campaigns, whisky brands have also used events and partnerships to promote their products. For example, in 2015, Diageo partnered with the popular television series "Game of Thrones" to create a line of single malt whiskies with a Game of Thrones motif. The great Houses and factions of Westeros have been paired with whiskies from eight of Scotland's most well-known and beloved distilleries, including Oban with The Night's Watch at The Wall, Dalwhinnie of House Stark in Winterfell, and Clynelish with the riches of House Tyrell in the south.

Overall, there have been many successful whisky marketing campaigns over the years. These campaigns have used a variety of tactics, including television advertisements, social media, events, and partnerships, to reach their audience and promote their products. By using these tactics effectively, whisky brands have been able to increase their sales and establish their place in the market.

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