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Tomintoul Tawny Port Finish Review

Today, I'm going to venture into the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, where craftsmanship meets legacy at the Tomintoul whisky distillery. Since 1965, this Scottish gem has been crafting single malts that capture the essence of the Highlands. Join me as I explore the Tomintoul Tawny Port Finish, a distinguished expression that takes me on a sensory journey, revealing not just a whisky but an art form meticulously curated in the hills.

Tomintoul Tawny Port Finish Whisky

Craftsmanship in the Highlands

In the shadow of the Scottish Highlands, Tomintoul's commitment to the perfect single malt is more than a process; it's an experience. With water sourced from the Ballantruan spring, mountain air, and thanks to its towering stills, the distillery creates a gentle dram that embodies complexity. The use of American white oak ex-Bourbon casks, that have occasionally flirted with Oloroso Sherry and Port Wine casks, adds layers of depth to their expressions. A testament to their dedication lies in the six warehouses cradling up to 116,000 casks, an ode to the legacy they uphold.

Tomintoul Distillery

Family History

At the Art of Drinks Festival this year I got to chat with none other than Jordan Hillman, who took me on a wild ride on the family history in the distillery. The Hillman family's connection to Tomintoul Whisky is one of obvious passion and dedication. Jordan's mother, stands as a matriarchal force behind the creation of the iconic Tomintoul Cigar Malt whisky. Jordan's granddad took the helm of Angus Dundee in 1950, earning the distinction of being the whisky industry's oldest working individual. What makes this narrative truly compelling is Jordan's seamless integration into the industry at a mere 6 years old, when his grandparents would take him to whisky events. Unlike a predetermined destiny, his immersion reflects a genuine and organic love for the craft.

Tomintoul's Remarkable Distillery Feats

In a remarkable feat, Tomintoul etched its name in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2009 with a colossal 105.3-liter bottle housing a 14-year-old Tomintoul malt whisky. I wonder sometimes, who has that bottle and how long it would take me to finish it!

Exploring the Tomintoul Tawny Port Finish

Enjoying a Tomintoul Tawny Port Cask Finish

Guided by the maestro himself, master distiller Robert Fleming, the Tomintoul Tawny Port Finish unveils a delicious combination of aromas and flavors. On the nose, it gives me this nice spicy and sweet dance of red berries, bramble jam, dark chocolate, nutmeg, and cherry liquor. This is echoed in the palate where I get that swirl of blackberries, blueberries, sweet chocolatey cake, and a subtle hint of coffee, all underscored by intricate oak notes. The whisky finishes with a warm and sweet tang of cherries, dark berries, cloves, and cinnamon, leaving an indelible mark. Definitely a winter whisky, if I say so myself!

In the world of Scotch whisky, Tomintoul isn't just a distillery; it's a timeless narrative, and the Tawny Port Finish is a chapter worth savoring. As I lift my glass to the art of drinks, let the Tomintoul experience transport you to the Highlands. Cheers to the allure of Tomintoul.

Interested in visiting the distillery? Book you visit here!

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