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Quarantine Tumbler Ramblings

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

When there is no such thing as going out and meeting friends are family we find we find ways to entertain ourselves at home. Some of us need to read some of us write some of us figure out for the 100th time that they do not belong in a kitchen.

Some of us might feel bored sitting at home all day long but looking back I don't think I've ever truly been bored... I'm simply procrastinating. Take this blog for example! Almost 9 months old and I've reneged on my personal promise to at least frequently update or write about all things whiskey that cross my path, whether it being human animal or mineral. It's not as if there is nothing to write about either, I simply haven't done it. Instead, chosing to fill my days with other tasks. Yes I work but that's also an excuse I tell myself as to why there is never any time to sit down and just pump out my next blog. Now, I don't want to spend too much time talking about Corona but like many of you out there, I'm at home in a country that under a smart lockdown and I want to acknowledge the monumental task that lies before us: Stay the f*** at home, that's the only way we can help the weaker in our society stay alive.

I have to count my own blessings... I live alone and as a freelancer I am still able to work. In the meantime I also get to contemplate all my blogs, which are waiting to be written, all those whiskeys I still need to tell you about. And so here is my pledge: Over the next few weeks I will be telling you all about my Whisky Festival, which was back in February. I will tell you more about Israel's first single malt whisky I had the pleasure of tasting. The surprise birthday party at Cafe Zilt for a friend. A tasting of my very first South African Single Malt and finally, I'll be playing my very first game of Whisky Tasting Wheel, which will feature many of the whiskies have got at home.

So until next week!

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