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GlenDronach Whisky: Conversation with Brand Ambassador Nathan

Brand Ambassador Nathan de Bruin

In the heart of the Scottish whisky industry, where bagpipes fill the air and the aromas of ancient distilleries linger, Nathan de Bruin discovered his calling. As a Brand Ambassador, he not only shares his love for whisky but also the stories that make this spirit so extraordinary. In an exclusive interview, Nathan reveals his experiences, insights, and his vision for the evolving world of whisky.

Passion Rooted in Scotland

For Nathan, his whisky journey began in Scotland, where the sounds of bagpipes welcomed him. Stepping into the Dalmore distillery at the age of eighteen, he immediately felt the irresistible allure of the whisky industry.

"We all share each other's passion, and for me, it was intense when I was 18 and visited this first distillery. I found such a unique culture and passion that I could strongly connect to Scotland and its history. The moment I walked out, I just knew, this is what I'm going to do; here lies my passion. The rest is history."

Collaborating with Creative Genius Rachel Barrie

Under the guidance of the creative genius Rachel Barrie, Nathan discovered the unique challenges of working with GlenDronach.

"Women like Rachel Barrie add significant value to the industry, and I'm delighted that we are getting more women in the industry. It's a world that is fantastic for everyone. Traditions need to be broken a bit."

With a focus on Sherry and Oloroso, distinguishing between different ages, such as the 12 and 15-year-old whiskies, presented challenges. Rachel, however, manages it every time, and Nathan explicitly emphasizes the unique character and flavor profile of each age, influencing the drinker's preference through these subtle differences.

"What you see in the 12, 15, 18, and 21-year-old whiskies is that they all have their own character and flavor. Of course, there's more age and wood aging, but the proportions between the barrels used are really different, and you can taste it in the characters of the whiskies."

Advice from Rachel Barrie

Asked about the advice Nathan received from Rachel Barrie that he still carries with him every day, he emphasizes the importance of openness to new experiences.

"Be open to new things. It's about learning something new every day, whether it's about that exclusive cask or working with specific distillation times. But also, think about how you approach life, be open to new things and experiences."

Technology as a Gamechanger

Nathan is clear about the role of technology in the whisky world.

"I think we can't ignore technology anymore; it contributes, especially when building a brand. This industry needs to open up more to a broader group of people, including more young enthusiasts."

He advocates for a more accessible approach, particularly to attract new generations.

"Perhaps they are more into the cocktail world, and we really need to show them that whisky means so much more than just leaning back with a cigar in your lounge chair. Technology plays a crucial role in marketing, and I believe a role like Brand Ambassador is vital for many people who still find the online information overload a bit vague."

Storytelling as Whisky Brand Ambassador

As a Brand Ambassador, Nathan brings GlenDronach's stories to life with a lighthearted approach.

"I think keeping it light makes it more accessible for younger audiences to feel engaged and approachable. Stepping away from the traditional and dusty and showing the fun side helps bring the culture to life. While it's interesting for a certain group to know about distillation times and yeast types, especially if you want to appeal to the younger generation, you have to keep it light."

Age as an Advantage and Challenge

Nathan acknowledges that his age is both an advantage and a challenge.

"I think, with a younger audience and the light users, those who aren't frequent whisky buyers, it works really well because they see someone who is enthusiastic and passionate, trying to convey something new."

Contribution to the Whisky Industry

Asked about what he adds to the industry, Nathan firmly responds:

"Innovation. I show that it's not a culture slowly gathering dust, but that it remains very interesting for the new target audience."

Favorite Experience with GlenDronach Whisky

Nathan shares a special moment on his birthday:

"One moment from last summer on my birthday, on July 23rd. When I started at GlenDronach, I received a bottle distilled on July 23, 1993, a single cask aged in an Oloroso vat. I opened it on my 30th birthday. Drinking something made on the day you were born is so unique. I think very few people can say that."

Personal Tasting Notes

Asked about his personal tasting notes if a bottle with Glendronach Nathan were to be released, Nathan responds:

"Young and Spritely. Especially these characteristics just align very well with who I am at the moment and where I stand in the industry, at the beginning of my career, full of enthusiasm and passion."

Future Dreams

Asked about his future dreams, Nathan easily names them, and they certainly lie within the whisky industry.

"I hope to go to Scotland for work someday. Whether it's permanent emigration or for a certain period within this industry, I hope to get there someday. Additionally, what I aspire to now is to become a Brand Education Manager, overseeing a specific portfolio within a brand, being the owner and ultimate responsible for how the message is conveyed to the ambassadors and what message we want to convey to the world and in the culture we have."

At the end of our conversation, it's clear to me that Nathan de Bruin and his dedication to storytelling, breaking traditional boundaries, and inspiring a new generation of whisky enthusiasts can be considered admirable. I raise a toast to the future of GlenDronach and the continuous innovation that Nathan brings to this age-old industry.

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