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Glen Scotia Whisky tasting

This delicious gift set arrived a few weeks ago on my doorstep and only now have I had a chance to try it out! Thanks to De Monnik Dranken, I was sent this lovely Glen Scotia tasting set. I always feel that tasting packs are the ideal way to sample whisky from a brand you've not tried yet, before commiting to a complete bottle. This set includes The Glen Scotia Double Cask, the 15-Years Old, the Victoriana, the 18-Years Old and their 2021's World's Best Whisky 25-Years Old.

Pour yourself a dram, settle in and let me take you on a trip through this pack.

Double Cask

A dram I had not yet had before but keen to try. I’ve had so many positive reviews, I got very excited to try it. This whisky is aged on first-fill bourbon barrels before spending the final twelve months in PX sherry casks and brings those distinctively Campbeltown characteristics to the table.


On the nose I get these sweet and yet salty aromas with nice vanilla hints, like a sweet, fruity dessert.


Definitely a deep toffee and spiced cake flavor makes its way to the surface. It’s intense and rich. A subtle sherry characteristic is released after a while.. Just lovely.


Superb, medium length with a lot of delicious vanilla and only a slight hint of spice.

Overall I would say this is a sweet and sherried explosion with fruity spiciness.

15 Years Old

Next up, the superb Glen Scotia 15 Years Old single malt created to capture Campbeltown's essence in all of its stunning simplicity. It is such a gentle, unpeated whisky, aged in first fill bourbon and re-fill American oak casks.


On the nose I feel like I step into a kitchen where I am baking gingered cookies, filled with oranges and lemons. There’s a slight bitterness but still pleasant.


Fruit all the way. Plums and apricots, boiled with sugars dripping through. A nice dose of wood and just lovely smooth on the palate.


Again the oak makes an appearance with nice sweet spiciness. Some toffee or honey that makes you want more and a decently dry finish.

Just a silky smooth, heavy fruity dram with a dry finish.


What’s in a name? Victoriana is (in their own words) a contemporary take on a traditional Campbeltown Malt Whisky in the Victorian era. This whisky was finished in a mixture of Pedro Ximénez and heavily charred oak casks after maturation on a blend of first and second fill bourbon barrels. Sounds very exciting!

Campbeltown was formerly known as the "Victorian Whisky Capital of the World" because distilleries could be found on every corner and whisky practically flowed through the streets. Victoriana is a beautiful reminder of this time.


On the nose I have woody goodness with distinct vanilla and again that typical fruitiness I have started to enjoy so far with every dram. There’s something about it though. A little more red fruit this time.


Dark fruits with cinnamon buns. It sounds as divine as it tastes. These are the whiskies my dreams are made of and I swear, I can taste fruit juices running through my mouth.


A heavy, long finish filled with round and rich flavors. Chocolate, a whiff of coffee and those delicious dark fruits. Very different from the previous and quite heavy.

Just a mouth full of fruits smothered in chocolate and spices with a nice sweet nose.

18 Years Old

Now this delicious Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish whisky is something else. A superb single malt whisky that spent 17 years maturing in refilled bourbon and an American oak Hogsheads.

For that final 12-month finish the whisky is aged in first-fill Oloroso casks. This gives you this great, aromatic whisky that reminds you of the winds on a beach.


Dip your nose in and you get a complex, rich and fruity aroma that reminds me of red berries, pomegranate and cranberry. Sweet and gently floral with hints of pineapple. Spices include some nice warm cinnamon and cloves.


Winter is coming and this has a butter and brown sugar, melted on toasted bread flavor to me. Slather on some spiced apple compote and you’ve got yourself a good spicy dram. Very rich, very pleasing and full off nice toffee.


You can really enjoy the lingering oak that is just nicely balanced with the thickness of the fruit. It is gentle and dripping with good warm, winter spices.

This would be my “Florals and spice and everything nice with a nice tropical undertone” dram.

25 Years Old

Ladies and Gents this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Getting to taste this lovely 25 years old was not the first time because I had the honor to try it out on the Art of Drinks last weekend as well but my lord, it was yummy! It’s got this lovely wood and citrus aroma that brings me back to my grandparent’s house years ago. Right after dinner, sitting on their sofa and watching the news with my family.


This is just superb, wood, old oak trees, freshly squeezed lemon with those nice vanilla undertones and some waxiness. Weird but hubba hubba good!


Luscious, creamy lemon tarts with butter and that nice dough. Vanilla with high notes of whisked cream, maybe a bit creme brulee, with the toasted sugar on top. Incredibly gentle but with a nice kick. Was that a hint of smoke I tasted?


Yep… long and good. There’s a bit of that waxy mouthfeel that I like but the creamy vanilla stays long after the glass is empty. Very good light fruits.

What a dram! Citrus fresh with nice wooden hints, covered in vanilla and a little leather.

This was such a pleasure and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

Want to try it as well? Check out the Glen Scotia pack on their website.


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