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Dutch Whisky Fans - I need you

In my quest to delve deeper into the world of Dutch whisky festivals, I'm thrilled to introduce a comprehensive survey tailored to your festival habits and preferences. This survey, designed with questions in Dutch, aims to collect valuable insights that paint a vivid picture of your experiences.

What am I researching?

I'm eager to learn more about your festival attendance habits, from the number of festivals you visit annually to the diverse range of whiskies you sample. Do you lean toward well-known whisky brands, or do you find the allure of independent bottlers more enticing? I'd love to hear your preferences.

Moreover, I'll delve into your willingness to invest in extraordinary whisky experiences, your typical whisky expenditure, and the significance you place on various factors at these festivals. From the availability of food to the presence of spittoons, the organization of separate tastings, and the diversity of offerings beyond whisky, your festival priorities will be examined on a scale of 1 to 10. Your insights will undoubtedly shape our understanding of Dutch whisky festival culture and its distinctiveness.

I'd love to hear from you

As passionate whisky enthusiast myself, I'm genuinely excited to receive your thoughts and experiences regarding Dutch whisky festivals. Your participation in this survey will play a pivotal role in unraveling the essence of what you value most at these events and what sets them apart. I invite you to share your insights and contribute to our research. Join me by taking the survey through the provided link and help me paint a more complete picture of the Dutch whisky festival scene. Together, let's uncover what makes each festival a unique and memorable experience. Cheers to the world of Dutch whisky and the vibrant festival culture that surrounds it!

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