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  • Gemma D.


Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Never heard of this whisky? That doesn't surprise me at all. This is a unique bottling that has been aging for a while now on the Dutch island of Terschelling and was released earlier this month.

I can't wait to receive my bottle (which I managed to get via an eager neighbour who ordered several in one go) and give this unique whisky a taste.

A few little tid-bits I can already tell you about the whisky:

This Cranberry Octave Cask whisky was aged for 6 months on a 50 lite oak cask that was first used to age Schylge cranberry wine. It was then filled with their Saint Brandarius Original Whisky at 60.4%.

Once I've got my hands of this bottle, I'm sure we will be doing a thourough tasting, including notes!

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