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  • Gemma D.

Ben & Jerry’s Topped Whiskey Biz

This is what my dreams are made of... brown butter bourbon ice cream with blonde brownie chunks & whiskey caramel swirls. It's the ultimate description of the latest Ben & Jerry's release in their Topped series! Ben & Jerry’s Topped Whiskey Biz.

Whistlepig's Piggyback Whiskey collaboration

Ben & Jerry's and the WhistlePig distillery are in fact both located in Vermont so the fact that they collaborated in this brilliant invention is no surprise and no one could be more excited than me.

Ben & Jerry's Topped Series

In their own words, Ben & Jerry's describes their Topped ice creams as "An ice cream sundae in a pint! Ben & Jerry's Topped flavors feature a spoonable chooclatey topping that's extra euphoric." Simply put, it's my favorite ice cream, complete with an amazing topping layer in different flavors.

What's the flavour like?

The whiskey in the ice cream has a flavour palate containing cinnamon, black pepper and cirtus flavours like grapefruit. On top of that you kind find hints of dark chocolate and ginger. Considering the flavour of the ice-cream, all I can say is... please please please make this available in the Netherlands!!

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