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  • Gemma D.

A Night with GlenDronach

In the heart of Amsterdam, a storm was brewing, but amidst the chaos, a haven of elegance awaited with GlenDronach Whisky. As I stepped into the Spiegel Atelier I was enveloped into the enchanted space. The anticipation was palpable, fueled by the promise of exceptional whiskies and a curated experience led by none other than brand ambassador Nathan de Bruin.

GlenDronach 18 years old

The Rob Roy Prelude: A Prelude to Perfection

The combination of antique mirrors and the allure of GlenDronach whiskies hinted at an evening where time would stand still, and connoisseurs would be treated to a sensory journey unlike any other. To start off, I was presented with a Rob Roy cocktail, a harmonious blend of the GlenDronach12-year-old. Its sweet yet robust notes set the stage for an evening that promised not just whisky but an orchestrated experience.

In the intimate setting, Nathan de Bruin took center stage, effortlessly bridging conversations and weaving tales about the essence of GlenDronach. His presentation unraveled the distinctive features – the sherry casks, whether Oloroso or Pedro Ximénez – that make GlenDronach a beacon among whiskies.

Whisky & Gastronomy: A Culinary Symphony

What made this night truly extraordinary was the marriage of five diverse whiskies with meticulously paired dishes. From the 15-year-old dance with salmon and oysters, to the 18-year-old's duet with foie gras on a popcorn bun and a PX sherry dressing, followed by a pheasant rillette.

The 21-year-old beauty was paired with a choice between lobster or spinach ravioli and duck breast with a photo of and pumpkin. What made these combinations so special was that the warmth of the whisky and the sherry character especially came forward with the duck. An explosion of herbs and spiciness perfectly combined with the soft character of the pumpkin.

Finally, we got to taste a very special whisky, namely the GlenDronach Grandeur Batch 12, 29 years old. A masterpiece of dessert came by, where we were served a mandarin liqueur with a beautiful ball of mandarin mousse filled with sorbet and, of course, a beautiful aged cheddar to end the evening. The complexity of flavors, like the journey through the mirrored atelier, left a lasting impression.

Reflections and Farewell: A Night to Remember

As the mirrored walls whispered tales of the night, the storm outside seemed distant. Anouk Beerents' mirror atelier, a stage for GlenDronach's grandeur, has given me an evening where whisky, mirrors, and conversations intertwined, leaving my heart full of joy and palate savoring the magic of GlenDronach.

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